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For us, the respect and protection of the Environment is part of our philosophy: We have grown in continuous contact with Nature, so we learned to love and respect it.

Therefore, EcoFresco.es is imbued with this philosophy that materializes in the following aspects:


The management of our physical store is done with criteria of environmental sustainability, such as reduced use of resources, reuse of them when possible and recycling when they have ceased to be useful. For this reason, we decided to carry out the following specific actions:

We reuse paper when possible.

We reuse the packaging materials, both cardboard boxes and interior protection elements for the shipments we make to our customers.

We separate and recycle paper, cardboard and plastics when they are no longer useful.

We carry an efficient management of our warehouse, with a minimum accumulation of merchandise, in a small space.


We are defenders of electronic commerce, insofar as it is a way more efficient than other modalities to get you our products. This type of trade implies less travel for you and therefore, you spend less gas and time.


We promote the responsible use of plastic bags, which on the other hand are designed so that you can reuse them several times. We appreciate and encourage the practice that customers bring their own packaging to avoid as much as possible the generation of more plastic and paper waste.


We believe that the development of organic farming is good for the planet and all its inhabitants. Therefore, we have an increasingly wide range of organic products available to our customers and friends.


We understand electronic commerce as a way that you can buy our products if you are in a situation of reduced mobility. Thanks to this mode you can buy comfortably from your home.