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 Shipping charges are included in the cart, according to the weight of the items added.

- Shipping to Spain Peninsula

According Service Prices urgent transport, delivery before 19 H. If your region is Valencia Alicante or Murcia, the fare is more economical.

Shipping costs include packaging, handling and shipping.


TRANSPORT - Service Phone: 96 243 51 48 - 610207704
You can write to comment on the request alternative address if not better as more data (leave neighbor goal ..)

Remember: When you realize when your order will receive an e-mail confirmation, if it receives not call us because the order is not will be confirmed.

Delivery days: Wednesday and Thursday. (Friday in case of holidays or impact on transport. Transport times are according to service time less than 24H transit.


Returns and Exchanges

 For any return or impact on the delivery takes within 24 hours to notify via the contact form. We will return without any commitment or additional costs.

Our customer service department has a customer service to solve any problem with our products or shipments through which we try to offer a fast and efficient attention to our clients.

We send our organic products anywhere in the Spanish peninsula.